Blossoming White Floret - Long - Crushed Red Velour

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For sure the most Canadian staple item in our collection and provides added style, coverage and warmth all in one. Makes for a great polishing piece to any casual or not casual outfit. Unique and retro prints grab the most attention and show off your personal character while classic neutral tones are made to match almost anything in your wardrobe. Some vests available in long or short length in order to service a wider range of body types. Short vest is only a few inches shorter but it’s cut to a totally different shape and a 3 piece pattern instead of a cut one on fold. It has a little less bulk overall. These rustic charming vests can be worn upside down or inside out depending on if the fabric is different on the other side. It can also be worn open or closed with a belt or with the collar pinned up around the neck for a more secure styled fit. Or, if you would like to wear it under or over a jacket you can. Because it is sleeveless you can wear it comfortably inside or outside for a little extra warmth without the extra bulk of a sweater or jacket. Some vest are made from vintage luxury ends and may be priced according to that or to the rarity or quality of the vintage blanket made... Most common fabrics in this style are wool, cotton, polyester and blends of the above. You can contact us to have a blanket or sentimental item of you own reproduced too!



Short Vest: 33’’ back length 25’’ wide

Long Vest: 36’’ back length by 28’’ wide