Our Story

There’s always something new and exciting happening at Fred&Bean ...so why not join us online or in person and help us as Canadians, not only support our local fashion economy, but support a product line as crazy, versatile and unique as we are!
The need for Fred&Bean became the most prevalent after becoming young parents. All of a sudden, time, energy, freedom, finances, organization, comfort and a sense of personal style had become more and more scarce. So... we began to think very resourcefully based on our lack of, well, pretty much everything, including our own sanity at times.  As we Fred's dug in and put our limited energies together, we started to really move ahead with the concept of making the most out of what we have. We quickly began to realize to what degree of an unnecessary abundance we all have and have addressed some of the reasons why, because it's so much more than we can even handle from a personal AND environmental perspective.
The fashion industry is a raging Beast, and has even done a lot of damage to itself. So many major labels have had to re-structure or even close their doors completely. So because of, well, everything, we at Fred & Bean are excited and proud to forge ahead in order to help cultivate a newer, slower and more sustainable Canadian fashion label. We hope you can welcome our season-less styles and built to last looks. Let us know if there is something you are looking for, as many of our products or custom requests are made to order : ) PS...Our products and inspirations get the first looks on our Facebook page and mailing list, so add us up if you'd like to connect behind the scenes... Thanking you all for your continued support and interest in our Brand at this time especially! Let us know how we can help!