Our Story

Sooooo... Kat was vending at her hometown Streetfest to see who she could introduce herself and her products to in the summer of 2018, when Roxy wandered into her booth... cold ...tired and scared. Scared that she might have to face another season alone with no other like-minded  individuals around to create art with in this old fashioned rural Ontario town. Lol. And after a long chat, Kat wound up wishing she would meet someone cool like Roxy to hang out and be cool with. As if that could ever be a possibility... Forward to a few months later, Roxy saw Fred & Bean's card in the local fabric shop looking for help with sewing, and still to this day is the only caller. The card still stands. With limited sewing skills but an eye for the the right place to cut something up Kat helped her learn the trade, while Roxy's backround in the glass and art worlds inspired Kat to keep taking things further. It's a true love story of friendship, art and business. Today Roxy is and equal part of Fred & Bean and it is a remarkable intuitive journey.

Fred & Bean originally began in 2015 when a few dude-like moms (aka Freds) decided to come together and see what they could come up with when their forces were put together. Digging deep into psychology behind the way our clothing makes us feel, what we truely need and how our clothing serves us became and the core values of the why behind our repurposed duds. Because surely the world does not need more clutter, and it was a classic case of making the most with what you already have. Re-making clothing with quality, purpose and an individuality that connects you even more to your soul's true self is the ultimate success for us at F&B... So go ahead and be as conservative or free as you wanna be... We got you covered on both ends!