Closet Service


Make the most out of your unworn clothing!  
We can refit, restyle and reorganize your clothing in a way that makes them feel like brand new items and most importantly, lets you feel great in your clothes again.  
Showing you new ways to wear things
Sometimes fresh eyes make all the difference when we find ourselves stuck or bored with what we have. Plus, fashion trends are coming in at rates that even the savviest fashionista can't keep up with. Never being satisfied with what you have, constantly buying new clothes and tossing your clothes away isn't the answer.  Simplifying things is. 
We offer our expert advice and tips, so you can update your look without spending a fortune.
Sometimes a little style manipulation can go a long way.
Establishing what your ideal fits are
We all have those garments that we gravitate towards, no matter what they look like or how far gone they are because of one reason. They fit perfectly. Feel good garments like that are very hard to find and there is a lot of value in those pieces, no matter what you originally paid for them. When we look at your clothing, we are not looking at the labels, but at the way in which the garment has been designed and assembled. Understanding the construction issues behind why certain things fit you in a certain way is the first step towards establishing a feel good wardrobe. Every body is different and that is where we have the opportunity to help you creatively overcome the challenges of a carbon copy world. We will redesign your clothing based on your specific needs and we'll even show you some witty upcycled style tricks!
Did we forget to mention the value of getting organized?
If nothing else, getting organized can make all the difference in the quality of your wardrobe. It is often times the number one kick starter in getting back on track with the rest of your goals, as we don't always realize how the vicious cycle of feeling good, looking good and doing good are all tied together. Organizing isn't just about getting rid of stuff, its about setting it up differently, so that it is functional for the long term, based on your needs and routine. Let us show you why starting with your closet could be even more valuable than starting with the gym or a healthy diet. When you feel good, you do good. 
Taking that special piece that belongs to you or somebody you love and turning it into something that you can actually wear, or gift
It could even be as simple as a sentimental sweater turned into a cozy scarf or one of our existing products, like our trademark Sweater Duffle. We have a roster of ideas that you can choose from, so let us show you what we can do with your garments.
Don't waste time worrying about what to wear
We can help you organize your clothing by outfit and fully accessorized on the hangar. We also offer routine visits in order to help keep your closet functional and organized. Lets face it, there isn't always enough time in a day to commit to your closet, so lets not waste any more valuable time worrying about what to wear.
We aim to help you out as much as possible on the spot and once we have taken the time to get to know you and your wardrobe, we will keep you updated when we find a new style or colour we feel might be a great fit. That's something that you just cant buy online...well, technically yes you can... so contact us and book online now to set up an appointment!  
Wardrobe Service Pricing
Daily Flat Rate of $195 (4 hours) - Includes 2 free basic re-stylings or repairs. Contact Us or Purchase online now!
Repeat Availability: Ensure your closet and your clothes stay just the way you want! We’re available on an on call, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis at a rate of $45/visit/hour, dependent on location.
Please note: Alterations and repairs are priced on quantity and the extent of the work needed. Additional services include hangars and organizational systems tailored to your needs.

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